Filling up vacancies in Election Commission is a matter of public interest

Election Commission of India

Given that the law appointing the election commissioners is being challenged in court, the two vacancies in the Election Commission must be filled using the process suggested by the Supreme Court in March 2023 The resignation of Election Commissioner (EC) Arun Goel coupled with the earlier superannuation of EC Anup Chandra Pandey on February 14, […]

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SC verdict removes a major election funding mistake

Parliament and Neta

The pre-2017 electoral funding system was far from perfect, but distortions like electoral bonds exacerbate the problem The Supreme Court, in a landmark decision on February 15, declared the electoral bonds scheme introduced by the previous Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government in 2017, unconstitutional. The judgment has stirred a hornet’s nest with all kinds […]

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Electoral Bonds and the muzzling of people’s right to know who funds political parties

corp donations 1

Will the government bring an ordinance to overrule the SC judgement? Unlikely, because all the amendments done to various acts – IT Act, Companies Act, RPA 1951 – have been struck down as unconstitutional. Moreover, SC has upheld the citizens right to know on sources of political funding. Hence any future scheme introduced to curb […]

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