What Lies Behind Over A Thousand Political Parties Remaining Registered With ECI Despite Not Contesting Elections?


A Case Study A total of 1698 political parties are registered with the Election Commission of India, out of which only 464 parties contested the Lok Sabha 2014 elections. So, the important question is ‘why are there so many parties registered with the ECI when three-fourth of them do not even participate in elections, the […]

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Decriminalizing Politics: Over To Political Parties Now To Weed Out The Chaff


Even while delivering his first speech in the Rajya Sabha on June 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought the support of lawmakers, urging the supreme court to complete the trials of pending criminal cases against MPs within a year. “When parties see seats being rendered empty, they will get the message… In five years, parliament […]

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Towards The De-Criminalization Of Politics

indian_politicians_with_criminal_records (1)

September 12, 2013, Talk at IIC, New Delhi Speaker: Trilochan Sastry, Professor IIM Bangalore, and Chairman, Association for Democratic Reforms Chair: Ramachandra Guha Discussant: N. Gopalaswami, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India Democracy disciplined and enlightened is the finest thing in the world. A democracy prejudiced, ignorant, superstitious, will land itself in chaos. – M.K. […]

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