How candidates and political parties are using social media for electoral campaigning?

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The idea of social media as a force-multiplier in politics has gained virality in our minds, especially in last four years. According to Datareportal’s Digital 2019: India report, 1 out of total population of 1.361 billion, around 41% i.e. 560 million Indians are active users of internet and total no. of active social media users […]

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Crime and Money in Electoral Politics: How can this trend be reversed?

Systemic corruption and sponsored criminalization have corroded the fundamental core of elective democracy and consequently, the constitutional governance. On one hand there is a free flow of unaccounted money at the disposal of political parties during elections and on the other hand, criminal elements have been playing a major role in the electoral process in […]

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Why Political Parties and Voters Continue to Choose Candidates with Muscle and Money Power?

India is famed for being the world’s largest democracy. In light of increasing number of voters during each election phase – nearly 9 million voters for the recent one in 2019 – the entire process of ensuring free and fair elections, which is an integral part of democracy, becomes much more crucial. However, as per […]

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