RTI Act: ADR To Move Court Against 6 Parties


The Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR), a non-profit, plans to file a petition against six national political parties for non-compliance and contempt of the Central Information Commission’s (CIC) order dated June 3, 2013.

The six parties are the Congress, BJP, BSP, NCP, CPI and CPI(M).

In its order, the CIC had declared these parties as public authorities coming under the ambit of the RTI Act. But, in its March 16, 2015 order, the CIC observed that the RTI Act does not provide it with ample powers to deal with contempt and non-compliance.

The ADR said that despite the CIC itself not taking any action against these political parties, the Right to Information (RTI) Act has sufficient provisions to deal with cases of non-compliance and contempt of the CIC’s orders.

Terming the CIC’s latest observation as abrogation of its own power and authority, the ADR said the CIC is only a quasi-judicial body and should not go into the technicalities of law.

Justifying its decision to move the courts, ADR said the preamble of the RTI Act as well Sections 18, 19 and 20 allow the CIC to take action on non-compliance via fines and compensation.

Responding to a complaint filed by ADR along with RTI activist Subhash Chandra Aggarwal, the CIC had suggested on March 16 that the complainants “are at liberty, in view of the facts and circumstances of this case, to approach the higher courts for appropriate relief and redressal.”

Source: The Hindu Business Line

5 thoughts on “RTI Act: ADR To Move Court Against 6 Parties

  1. Why only 6 parties?
    and why SP, RJD, JDU, DMK, AIADMK etc do not figure in your list of 6?
    What was the criteria to pick the 6 parties?

  2. These political parties are making mockery of RTI by time and again failing to comply with the orders of CIC. These parties are misappropriating funds in huge amounts and it’s high time someone pull their ears. It’s a great move by ADR to move the higher courts and i hope honorable court takes strict actions and set up an inquiry upon the funding of these parties. Kudos to ADR for pursuing such an important issue into the courts. Best of luck and citizens of this country are with you.

  3. #‎CIC‬ bench consisting of former bureaucrats hv no urge to punish defiant Political Parties. This order is aimed towards post-retirement benefit/Ch IC post.

    As per their logic, If all d PAs wud recall their designated PIOs, &/or they withdraw obligations u/s 4, no action will be taken & will lead to the End of ‪#‎RTI!

    In their order, they hv given enough logic to justify their helplessness. If that b d case, as it shows they r redundant, the laughing stuffs should immediately tender their resignation, to save the taxpayers mony!

  4. A debate on media would do more good. However any initiative is good in this direction. What is relevant is that the dialogue is alive. Today there are six, tomorrow we can only expect the numbers to grow.


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