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दलों को पारदर्शिता से परहेज़ क्यों?

सीआईसी की सुनवाई कल, दलों के पास कामकाज में खुलापन लाने सम्बन्धी ब्योरा देने का अंतिम मौका mudda- 6 January



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Prof. Jagdeep Chhokar
Prof. Jagdeep S. Chhokar (Founder and Trustee, ADR) has a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, USA and is a former Director In-charge of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He had earlier worked with the Indian Railways as a mechanical engineer and manager for over a decade, and as international marketing manager with a public sector organization for four years. He has also taught at Universities in Australia, France, Japan and the US.
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2 thoughts on “दलों को पारदर्शिता से परहेज़ क्यों?

  1. seedhi si baat hai kyoki wo nahin chahate ki unka kachcha chittha khule. wo sochate hai ki wo special hain.

  2. Because there is now law that the party must abide by. Because the citizens never ask the real questions. Because there is no Lokpal. Because there is illiteracy in the society. Because Indians believe that water, electricity, roads, education and civility are issues of charity and not rights. Because typically money can buy you a seat in the RS without any accountability whatsoever. You can practice unethical law in the SC digging out misappropriations done by your opponents and make a fortune for yourself and then when you deem it to be enough, you buy out your way into the RS from any non-descript corner of the country bribing the politicians or again, threatening them to dig out their dark past. Once in the hollowed environs of the house, you can divide the future of the teeming millions without having had to bother about slogging it out in public life. All you need to have is to know to talk your way to make people feel good. In our country where the constitution was written in English, it will take time for the document to seep into the ground. Till that time will anyone ask Mr. Obama what would have happened to him had he not disclosed himself as a married man as a senator in his state? Good job ADR.

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